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At East Valley Cardiology, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Please use the link to provide us your feedback. Post a review to our profile.

Read below for some of our patient experiences and then visit us to decide for yourself!

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind.

I failed to express my gratitude to you during our post op appointment on Monday. I am just now realizing how bad my health status was before you put in the three stents. (I understand that that was quite remarkable to have 3 stents done during the same procedure.) I knew that I was tired all of the time and did have shortness of breath and some upper chest discomfort but I had no idea of the cause. I am glad to report that I feel stronger every day and my tiredness is subsiding as well.

I also want to give your operating room staff my thanks as well. They were very professional and made, not only me, but my wife at ease through it all.

And lastly, I want to commend Melissa and all your staff. They are always caring, handle everything from regular check-ups to the dreaded stress test with the best in attitudes.

Thanks again for everything.

- Jim

Thank you for the wonderful care and kindness you gave to my husband, who had been hospitalized at Chandler Regional last year, January through February. He was able to return to our home in Michigan to enjoy some time with his grandchildren, his daughter and I, before his life came to an end.

I appreciated all you were able to do for him while in Arizona. Upon return to Michigan he was hospitalized 5 times but able to go fishing, enjoy visits from family and friends. He was home on Hospice 10 days, before passing on September 10th.

- Suzanne

What do I do for someone who literally saved my life? Ghassan, there is no way to repay you! I will honor your work and never smoke again. Thank you for choosing such a noble profession and dedicating yourself to excellence.

- Kim

Both Lucy and I express our thanks to you for your most caring and professional handling of us and our heart issues.

We greatly appreciated Dr. Porter referring us to you and your practice, because you are the best! We especially appreciate you explaining the "artery issue" with the artery in the back of my heart.

We feel most confident and happy with you and your practice and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

- Bill and Lucy

Just a little note from a grateful heart. Your care along with the time you spent explaining my cardiac condition to me is appreciated. I have fully integrated your counsel, and consequently my anxiety is greatly reduced. I thank you very much! Looking forward to seeing you at my next scheduled visit!

- Mary

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to deal with your staff today. I called on behalf of an anesthesiologist to request testing results on one of your patients who is scheduled for surgery. I spoke with a receptionist, then Beth, and then Suzanne. They were all extremely courteous and efficient, and faxed the results immediately. You seem to have a really great team.

- Dawn

You're the best! I can't thank you enough for the excellent care you gave to my friend, Kim. I also appreciate you taking the time to come and give me updates on her procedures and advice on her road to recovery. Your passion and concern for the care you give, really shows! I wish more doctors were like you!

- Sabrina

This is a letter for Dr. Einhorn, who was my husband's Cardiologist and is now mine.  He took very good care of my husband, who was a retired Air Force veteran from WWII. I was very touched by his kind, personal call at the time of my husband's death. 

Dr. Einhorn went above and beyond when he arranged a last minute blood transfusion at a local hospital when the VA hospital could not.

This good doctor looks at you when speaking and you don't feel like another body in a long line of patients, he has waiting. He doesn't appear hurried or rushed, tho I am sure there are times when it is understandable. I feel as though he remembers me at each visit, tho I certainly don't expect him to. Dr. Einhorn has personally called me from his home to report test results, and I have never had a doctor do that.

He jokes a little too, when appropriate. He called this skinny 88 year old, a cougar! Not so, but it made my day. Tho not as important as his knowledge, expertise and experience, he is one neat and spiffy looking gentleman. 

I so appreciate Dr. Shocky recommending Dr. Einhorn, when we needed the best.

- Louise

Dr. Ganem recently performed the Venefit procedure on my extremely swollen, ugly and painful legs. It was very successful, and my legs now appear normal. It also improved my mobility and I am able to easily get my shoes on; something that was very difficult before!

- Don K.

At 4 weeks out from my “Grand Heart Adventure,” with my mind finally clear, I want to say Thank You! This was such a bigger deal than I ever thought it would be. Having you watch out for, and take care of me made me feel safe and secure! I appreciate all of your care and concern! I am thankful to be healthy and able to look forward to my next big adventure!

- I.C.

Dr. Ganem is an excellent doctor, and has treated me for 20 years. He has a staff that is professional, yet friendly and willing to serve his patients. I have recommended him to many of my friends.

- D.H.

I wanted to let you know that my mother, Elayne, passed away on June 13th after having a major stroke on the 6th. My brother and I wanted to thank you for the care that you gave our mother over the years. You were very straight forward with her and although she may have not liked what you said at times, she did respect you for it. You were her favorite doctor!

- Kandy and Kurt

Ken, my husband passed away on May 31st.  He always commented on what a good job you did taking care of him. He had a great deal of respect for the both of you. Ken did not die from heart problems, but was injured by a bull. Thank you for your good care.

- Norene

I thank you and your staff for their conscientious care and kindness during my recent heart concerns and procedure.  I feel so much better getting it all behind me and having my multitude of questions answered.

- 06/2012

Thank you for your time and analysis of my tests. Guess I'm good for another 10,000 miles! The reason for my note is to call your attention to the nurses who adminstered my stress test; Cindy and Sandy.  They were very professional, efficient, and skillful. In addition to these important qualities, they also showed me compassion, concern, tact, and interest, and made the experience a pleasant one. Nice people! At my retiree meetings, I now have bragging rights on who has the best cardiologist!  Thank you, one and all.

- Priscilla

First off, we really appreciate the staff taking the time to listen to our concerns and needs for the best and most efficient care for my husband. Our previous appointment with another doctor was extremely negative and it was hard to start thinking positive. After our appointment with your office, we began to have a positive attitude!

When I first called to schedule the appointment, we expected there to be at least a two week wait to see the doctor. The staff listened to our pain and urgency and we were scheduled that same day, I was amazed! My husband’s face lit up like a light! When we went in to see the doctor, we were thrilled that he actually listened to us! He spent time going over each and every question we had. He is a very caring doctor, our concerns were his concerns. He was straight to the point and he explained things so that when we left the office we were totally satisfied. He scheduled a test immediately and made sure that we had a plan and all of our questions were answered.

- Kenneth

I was on the phone for many days trying to work with Humana to get approval to continue my care with Dr. Einhorn. I have an HMO and was told by Humana that because Dr. Einhorn moved his office from Mesa to Chandler, additional paperwork had to be completed before my visits to the doctor would be covered. My phone calls were just being shuttled from one person to another, with long periods where I was left on ‘hold’. Nothing happened after many days of calls, and all my efforts were going nowhere.

Kathy Anderson, from Dr. Einhorn’s office, informed me that she would take care of the situation. I was very concerned because I had several tests scheduled and I was very nervous as the dates neared for my testing. Kathy assured me that she would take care of the matter and I should not worry but go ahead with my appointments.

After my testing, I received a letter from Humana stating that all my claims had been denied. In a panic, I took a copy of the letter to Kathy who informed that she had asked a Humana representative to come to her office and go over my situation with her, Kathy was able to get all the mess that had been way too much for me to handle fixed up. My paperwork had finally been accepted, but she told me she had spent many hours on the phone with all of the same problems I had encountered.  Never the less she took the time, despite her heavy workload, to invite a Humana representative to her office so they could sort my situation out. The final result is that I am able to continue my many years of visits to my good doctor…thanks to the diligent and fantastic work of one woman.

My many thanks to Kathy Anderson, please receive this letter as my gratitude to her for the work she has done on my behalf…relieving my stress and giving me the comfort of being able to stay with the doctor I respect and trust with my heart condition.

- James

It is with deepest gratitude that I write this letter of appreciation. I have been, for the past five years, a patient of the Arizona Heart Institute located at 2632 N. 20th Street in Phoenix.  I would spend three sold days testing and getting yearly evaluations on my heart condition.  Each visit would last anywhere from 4-6 hours before prescribed testing was completed.  This was normal and the staff would apologize for the long waiting periods.  I was once overlooked and had to alert the nurses that no one was calling me over two and a half hours.  The place was nice but not of high quality in appearances from waiting rooms to consultation offices.  Because of overbooking, time management was poor to say the least.

I was referred to East Valley Cardiology because of distance (I am a resident of Chandler) and hopefully better conditions with patient care.  I was truly amazed at the service from the first visit to the last.  Dr. Ganem was exceptional in assuring me that after the prescribed tests, he would be able to make me fully aware of the condition of my heart and all that is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the longevity of my heart.

The conditions of the center were ultra clean and spacious.  The wait was within reasonable time lengths and often quick.  I brought a book to read but did not even get the opportunity to do so.  I was greeted by the staff from the front desk to each staff member that tested me.  I felt like I was a valued client and patient.  Being a retired teacher my onslaught of questions were answered clearly and with patience.  Each room I entered was treated in had an air of sterility and up to date machinery.  I almost didn’t want to leave, to be honest.  Both bathrooms I used were white glove cleaned.  I felt like I was at home and this made me feel very relaxed by all the perfection.

I would recommend this facility to anyone who wants high quality care in the are of cardiology.  You cannot imagine how much I now enjoy getting my routine testing on my heart.   I give East Valley Cardiology five stars for excellence.  My only regret is that I wasn’t told about this fine establishment sooner.

- Laura

Thanks for the wonderful care.  You will be in my heart always! 

- Rod & Sandy

I would like to thank you so very much for staying the other day when Warner Family Practice called for an appointment and you were such a gentleman and a very nice doctor.
I appreciate your mannerism so very much.

- Sharon M.

I wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of me this week during my nuclear stress test.  You made an otherwise uncomfortable experience very pleasant.  It's also great to meet another Penn Stater.  I hope to see you at some of the games this year.

- Bill E.

Everyone else at the office.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of me in my time of need.  Your willingness to help and professionalism is a testament to your high quality healthcare.  Even more, I genuinely appreciate how you treat me like a person and a human, and not just another case.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart (which I know is healthy, thanks to you!).

- Robin P

I want to thank you and your staff for finding I had a blockage in 4 of my arteries.  I had no symptoms or pain to indicate any problems and also for the successful operations to install 3 stents.  Also, I want to thank Pam and Barb for their help

- Jim & Sherry G.